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  1. FrankieDplus3

    FrankieDplus3 New Member

    Hi All,

    I am a complete newbie to the Android world. I just purchased an HTC Incredible S.

    I have downloaded a couple free apps/games from the Android Market using my PC. When I am signed into my Android account on my PC I can see that the apps have successfully downloaded.

    I would like to know how I can transfer these apps and games directly to my phone without using WiFi or a data plan (currently don't have either).

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm assuming that at this point you have a .apk file somewhere on your PC.
    Connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable.
    Use Windows Explorer to drag the file on to your phone's SD card (which will show as a drive on the PC).
    "eject' the drive on the PC, set the USB option on the phone to 'charge only' and then unplug the phone from th PC.
    On the phone, use your favorite file manager (I like Astro) to navigate to where you put the .apk. Click on the APK and the installer should start.

    Oh, you'll need to make sure that 'install from unknown sources' is checked under menu > settings > application or the install won't fnish when you select the apk file.
  3. FrankieDplus3

    FrankieDplus3 New Member

    OK...this is what is confusing me? I've seen similar responses in other forums and I'm not getting the .apk file references? (see complete newbie.)

    The only thing I have done so far is go to the android market on the web; sign in; search for my free app of choice and clicked install. My device was not connected to the PC at the time.

    I see the new app in the My Library section of the Android Market. How do I get that app from My Library to my device?

    Does this mean I have an .apk file of that app somewhere on my PC? I can't find it.
  4. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    You did this from the android market, so they installed directly to your phone. Bring up the app drawer and the apps should be there.
  5. jmet

    jmet Active Member

    Kayst is correct. I just clicked "Instal" on Angry Birds and it started downloading to my phone.
  6. jmet

    jmet Active Member

    On the Market webpage, scroll down to the very bottom and click where it says " My Market Account"......After clicking it will take you to the orders page where it shows all the apps you have downloaded and if it completed successfully or not.
  7. FrankieDplus3

    FrankieDplus3 New Member

    I understand that if I had Wifi or a Data plan this process would be MUCH easier. Trust me, I'm working on that, but, until then, I am looking for a work-around and/or a way to avoid using wifi or data.

    The example that I am trying to get resolved is that I am NOT using my phone for any downloading, I am only using my PC. I would like to get the app I "installed" via my PC, onto my phone.

    My example:
    Using my PC, I went to the Android Market, found Fruit Ninja Free and clicked Install. The app completed installing and is now available in "My Library".
    - My Phone was not connected to the PC at the time I completed the install.
    - My Phone currently has NO access to WiFi or a Data plan.
    - Fruit Ninja currently is NOT on my phone.
  8. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Phone has to be connected via wifi or 3g/4g to have the app install from the market. Alternatively, you could look online for the .apk file, download it to your computer, copy it to your phone via usb or via the micro sd card, and then install manually.
  9. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    When you use the online web market via your pc, google sends a command to your phone and tells your phone to download the app (through whatever data connection your phone has), it is NOT downloaded to your PC. If you aren't seeing the app on your phone after using the web market, that usually means the phone isn't synced to the web market properly for possibly a variety of reasons.
    The only other way to get apps onto your phone(without using any data connection from your phone) is to not use the android market and side load .apk files through your SD card.
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  10. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    An APK file is SORT OF the Android equivalent of a .exe file in the Windows world - if that helps any. You execute the APK to install the app on your phone.

    However, the Market does not send you an APK, it actually install the app on your phone, so no need for an APK. To download an APK, you'd have get it from somewhere other than the Market, the developers web site for example. (If there is a way to get an APK from the Market I'm not able to find it)

    Alternately, you could go to your nearest Starbucks, or McDonalds, or whatever is close to you that has free wifi. Log your phone in to their wifi and the apps should download and install (they will basically queue up until your phone goes online somewhere).
  11. Jewel S

    Jewel S New Member

    I'm also pretty much a newb to the world of Droids and am having difficulty transferring an apx file from my pc to Incredible 1.

    I connected via the usb port, a few of the phones files came up in a removeable disk. I didn't recognize any beyond a download file (actually 2, only one found on the phone) and I think it's DCMI where photos/videos are kept.

    Copied and pasted the file from my computer to the removeable disk into the download folder, unplugged the phone and the file didn't show in download. Tried the other and it didn't show up there either. Tried switching from mount device to, I think it's computer connect (not charge only), unplugged and nothing.

    Downloaded my email account to the phone where there is an attachement of the file, tried to download, message said it could not be opened, did I want to download anyway. I did. Couldn't find it anywhere.

    Don't know how to use Astro, but also downloaded it. Looked in download from there and nothing.

    Oh, I did enable unknown source, but not sure now if wifi was enabled or not, or if that makes a difference (total newb!)? Could it just be that it wasn't enabled???

    Any help, in laymen terms, would be sooo appreciated. I actually need to get this app on this phone and I'm running out of time. Any tips on how to use Astro to open it would WHEN I get this thing on the phone would be great, too!
  12. jmet

    jmet Active Member

    First thing you want to do is allow apps (apk) files to install from Non-market locations in the settings. Setting > Applications> Unknown sources (you will need to put a check mark in the box).

    After you have done that, go to the market place and download AppInstaller. Place the apk file on your SD card (if you haven't already) and then start up the AppInstaller.


    Edit: It does not matter if Mobile Internet or WiFi is on.
  13. Jewel S

    Jewel S New Member

    Thanks for the reply, jmet.

    Before I got your reply I somehow managed to get the app onto the phone and installed it via Astro. It's still not working though and I'm unsure as to why.

    Do or should all apps be able to run when stored on an SD Card? Just wondering if that could be the problem. Too, I hadn't noticed before, but the manufacturer's web site states that it would be stored in internal memory. Although, their instructions for download didn't work for me. Just wondering if that means this won't work while on the card vs internal storage.

    When I tried to launch it from Astro, got message stating, activity not found - .com device system. Any idea what that means or why that is?

    Too, and this scares the bejeebers out of me, the manufacturer's FAQ states that the phone needs to be jailbroken. Missed that before purchase. Just did some searching for info on that and am not sure I can do it or if it's a good idea. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks kindly.
  14. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Jail broken is an iPhone term, so are you sure the app is for android? If it is for android, then your phone needs to be rooted. Check out the "all things root" forum for info.

    It also may be helpful if you can say what the app is.
  15. andrylord4

    andrylord4 New Member

    hi FrankieDplus3, dont know whether you got ur answer. anyway am answering you. i bought my droid recently just like you and was wondering for days 'how-this-stuffworks'. well after days & days of net search i couldn't find a direct answer to my question(the same that u r asking) and none of these android forums have the answer to this simple Q-how an droid downloads an app. after 2-3 days of frantic efforts to download i came to understand that google play lets you install apps to your phone through your sim card or mobile network only even if you signed into your Android account on your PC. for me this is a major setback since i have only edge data connectivity which makes downloading even a 100 kb app next to impossible(from my experience). but there is a work-around to download apps to your pc. just download and install a chrome-extension called APK Downloader from the site "". follow the instructions correctly and u will be able to download android apps to your computer just like any other download from the internet. hope this was helpful.cheers
  16. jkhuff2

    jkhuff2 New Member

    I know this is a major grave dig... but I need some help! Just got an android HTC EVO off ebay. I have some APK game files on my laptop, I went out and bought an SD for the phone, put the SD in and connected the PC. I put the APK files on the EVO, installed ASTRO, navigated to the APK files where I saved them on the SD card (gameloft), and touched the APK file, however nothing happens. No message, no install, no error... just nothing. Anyone know whats going on here?

    Edit: Not sure what I did but I'm making progress, it allowed me to select the install option but said "for security reasons your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from android market." I am sure this is a totally different situation that I will research so thanks and sorry for wasting space!

    Edit2: Changed the setting to allow unknown sources, I win!
  17. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    There should be a setting in your phone to allow the installation of non market apps.

    Edit:just saw your edit :)
  18. aghfrc

    aghfrc New Member

    does this work only if your phone is rooted or without rooting ? :smokingsomb:
  19. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Works with or without being rooted.
  20. aghfrc

    aghfrc New Member

    this wil work for xperia sola also?
  21. rmccabrera22

    rmccabrera22 New Member

    please i need an advice on how to install the games that i got from my friends android phone Galaxy S2 to my Sony Live or Experia Arc S phone? is it possible? i copied the (.APK) Game Files.
  22. Downtempoh

    Downtempoh New Member

    Here is a simple way to transfer Android apps on your PC to your Android device via USB. Mobogenie Android Sync Manager, at ( Download to PC, and follow installation instructions. Run program. Connect your device via USB. Follow simple sync instructions. when it's done, simply browse apps on your PC,(browser icon), and select your app(s). App is synced via USB. App icon appears on your device display, and your done. The program also has direct access to app portals too,(displayed in main window when you hit apps or games tab), for simple app management/transfer. I'ts free too. ;-)
  23. Downtempoh

    Downtempoh New Member

    Here is a way to transfer Android apps on your PC, to your Android device via USB. Mobogenie Android Manager, at ( Connect your device to your PC via USB. Download Mobogenie and follow installation instructions. Run and follow simple syncing steps. Your done. To find Android apps on your PC, click the 'My Phone' tab at the top of the main window. Next, click the 'Install App/Game file' icon. Browse to your .apk file, and select. Mobogenie will begin the USB transfer. When complete, your app/game icon will appear on your device display and that's it. It also has direct access to app portals too, which are displayed in the main window when you click the apps/games tabs. A Mobogenie apps manager icon is added to your device, for mobile use. Almost forgot, it's free!. Lastly, TPB has some nice app/game packs.

    Happy hunting. ;-).

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