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  1. ImIntoTech

    ImIntoTech New Member


    I've been trying to transfer an image that fits the background to my Samsung Galaxy Spica phone. But no matter how I resize the image before transferring it to my phone, the phone still wants me to resize before applying the image. But it doesn't look good on my phone.

    What is the correct background image size? :-|...

  2. mr.megi

    mr.megi Well-Known Member

    640x480 ;)
  3. ImIntoTech

    ImIntoTech New Member

    Sorry - doesn't work...
  4. CorsarioNegro

    CorsarioNegro Member

    I think it depends on the amount of desktops you have. Pantheon has 3, ADW Launcher has 5.
    Still, I haven't been able to find the right resolution either.
  5. mr.megi

    mr.megi Well-Known Member

    480 hight
    640 width
    thats the size ! all wallpapers that i have are in that size and they are perfect!
  6. hellogangan

    hellogangan Member

    i cant see any pics
  7. nailz

    nailz Active Member

    As long as they are bigger than 640x480 then the quality should be excellent as the phone will shrink them, it's the blowing up of small images that ruins quality.

    I dont think it has any matter to do with how many desktops you have, the phone just "slides" the image less or more so that the edges line up, when sliding the desktop, look closely and you'll see the image and whatever widgets you have move at different speeds.

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