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transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung GalaxySupport

  1. rosemaryheller

    rosemaryheller New Member

    I just switched my 3G Verizon HTC Incredible to 4 G TMobile Samsung Galaxy Blaze . Some of my contact information from the HTC did not transfer to the Blaze , and I find myself having to manually copy some of theinformation to the Samsung. In addition, I prefer the contact organization of the HTC. They are both Android phones. Is there anyway to change the Samsung contacts to the HTC format ? Or to transfer all the information ?

  2. miller7796

    miller7796 Member

    Easiest way is to use Google for your contacts. It will automatically add them to any other android phone you are logged in to. As for HTC vs Samsung view, there's not much you can do other than go back to an HTC phone.
  3. Yewaly

    Yewaly Member

    One of my friends recommend dropbox.

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