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Transfer data from SD card to another?!General

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  1. dezlovesyou

    dezlovesyou New Member

    I have a 2gb SD card but I just bought a new 16gb, how do I transfer all my files (pictures, music, ect.) to the new SD card, safely? Can someone tell me step-by-step or is there a app I can download for my phone or computer that can help me? (I have Windows 7) Thanks everyone!

    - LG Marquee

  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    1)Put the new card in your computer and format it.

    2)Hook your phone up to the computer and COPY the contents of the old sd card to the new sd card.

    3)Disconnect the phone and take out the new sd card from the computer.

    4)Power off the phone and pull out the old sd card, then install the new one.

    5) Power up the phone and you should be good2go.

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