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  1. desmo907

    desmo907 Member

    When I connect external USB flash drive it opens File Transfer.

    I want to transfer files directly to the SD card but seems I have to transfer to internal memory first, then from internal memory to card?

    I guess the other way it to remove that card an d plug directly into PC...

  2. smiley47

    smiley47 Member

    I'm having the same issue. There should be a setting that allows you to choose the destination of incoming files , either internal or SD.

    I'm going to check some other boards as this one doesn't seem to get much traffic.
  3. smiley47

    smiley47 Member

    I got an answer on the Sony Forum Tablet S- General Discussions, post number 4. They included the reference link.

    Bottom line is you can't go direct from a PC to the SD card, it must go to internal storage then file transfered to the SD card.
  4. Markjones

    Markjones Well-Known Member

    Fortunately I have a Sony Vaio laptop and that has an integrated card reader, so it's easier to copy content onto the card and then put the card back into my Tablet.

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