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  1. lyronva

    lyronva Member

    I had a Palm Treo 700W until 2010 and accumulated about 800 contacts. I went iPhone for a couple of years (without transferring the contacts) but got a Galaxy III a couple of weeks ago and finally wanted to get all those contacts into the new phone. These contacts are broken up into about 8 categories - I am able to transfer (via Bluetooth) any vcf file - for "All", or any of the 8 categories, but the contacts don't make it into the contact list on the new phone (it says incompatible file format when I try to open the .vcf file). What is so odd is that when doing all these categories, I did "Unfiled" (which only contained 2 contacts) and those contacts made it into the contact list just fine (and without having to open the vcf file, which is also different from all the other categories). Any idea what it is I'm doing wrong? Is it the # of contacts in each category that's making the transfer belch?

    Doing this via getting the file from the backup SD card in the Treo would be fine as long as I could figure out a way to do it - I'm looking to transfer calendar, memos, etc. as well (from Treo & iPhone) once I figure out how.

    Thanks in advance everyone -


  2. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    why dont you just grab that vfc file and transfer it to your computer, open up your gmail account and go into the mail. on the left change it to contacts, delete any contacts you dont want or whatver and choose import contacts and choose the vfc file. when thats done just sync it from your phone
  3. lyronva

    lyronva Member

    This is a good idea - but the problem I've run into now is that the only file I have is the Palm "AddressDB.pdb" file, accessible via backup card. I can't mail the vcf file, and my attempt to send it with BlueTooth failed as mentioned in the OP - is it possible that something exists that will convert the AddressDB.pdb file into a vcf?

    Thanks -

  4. enigmadroid

    enigmadroid Well-Known Member

    What Operating System is your computer running? Do you have the Palm Desktop software installed?
  5. lyronva

    lyronva Member

    As a matter of fact I had replaced computers since I had the Palm and had not reinstalled the Palm Desktop software, but you're right, that was an option (and may come in handy for the memos and/or calendar). In this case I was looking for the easiest solution; what ended up working (prompted by a previous poster) was sending the "All" address book via Bluetooth (as a .vcf) to the SGIII, then mailing that to my GMail account, then opening, then going into contacts on the SGIII and importing (or merging, or syncing, I actually don't recall). It appears that all the contacts made it through intact (the exceptions are the cases where I had addresses that had 2 lines, such as "1301 Elm St (carriage return) Suite 400, Des Moines, IA 50301" - and all that comes through is "1301 Elm St/" - but a small price to pay.

    The one real detrimental effect is that by adding all those contacts saved over the years the phone book takes five and a half minutes to load into my car's Bluetooth system! Maybe this isn't such an awful thing, we need more people paying attention to the road and less talking. I just wish I could stop people walking around in stores and doing that.

    Thanks for the help -


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