Transfer paid app licence from iPhone to Android?

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  1. knidsralright

    knidsralright New Member

    I bought some apps for my iphone that are also available for android. I've ditched my iphone and gotten an droid x. Is there any chance in hell I'll be able to get the licenses to paid apps like soundhound premium and MLB at bat transferred to my android phone?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Maybe.... if the apps were developed by the same developer, there is a slight chance, but I would believe it is possible at all.
  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Yep, you'll need to contact the developer(s) to find the answer to that question.
  4. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Can't tell you about soundhound, but with MLB, there's just no chance. They know you'll buy the damn app a second time. (Looks at self in mirror.) You'll have to contact the developer though. I'm guessing some will work with you and some won't.
  5. chawski

    chawski Well-Known Member

    I know there are some that it is possible. I actually just called the folks at Epocrates to switch my account over to android and it was no problem. contact the developer and if its the same for both platforms, i cant imagine it will be a problem
  6. 02stampede

    02stampede Member

    I wish it were true but here is the way I see it. If I were to buy a game on xbox live, (not a hard disk from the store) Would they let me download the playstation version as well? Most likely not. Not saying that all dev's don't do it, it just doesn't seem like many would.
  7. Ubunter

    Ubunter New Member

    Hello People,
    Well this question is the same which bring me here, and I'm sorry that the answers aren't right...

    I mean... We purchase a license to use a Software, NOT the software itself, which is an intangible material... So, the license, which is the right it's transferable, like minimum in European Union, according to ECC 29/2001, sec. 28, the right holder have right to transfer, and sale his right and the manufacturer have no any right to interfere in that.

    So, the issue, for example, I have acrobit's SIP client, with code g729 licenses purchased from apple store... and now, when i don't use iphone any more, the same license exist in android store, I mean, i need to purchase Acrobits Softphone, and the g729 codec license, and in theory, I should have the right to transfer that license purchased from apple to android, because it's the same software license. I mean, the software license, which is the right of use, not the Software it's self, which is downloadable product from this store or other.

    So, legaly it's a transferable right, but how process for that?
  8. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    I would think probally not. When you buy that software your buying a licence for use on that specific device. You can't run that program on your buddy's device even tho its still an android system. Your only licenced to use the software on the device it was originally bought for. But some development probally would let you but they don't have to.
  9. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    While some devs may, most won't. Unless you purchased a license key and unlocked the app via that key they would have to provide you the full app. Development on iPhone is different that development on Android. Look at it like I have this VHS and now the movie has been published on DVD, should I get the DVD free? No, sure if you have the right equipment you could make the DVD yourself but if you are relying on someone else to do the work you will need to pay for the content again. Or if you own a copy of a book that does not give you the right to get the ebook and audiobook free, you could make them yourself or you could purchase the content made by someone else.

    If you can convert the iPhone app to run on your DX then the dev would likely have no issues with you using it, if you want the product the dev had to spend time and money making you will likely need to purchase the content again.
  10. Ubunter

    Ubunter New Member

    Hello friends,
    I don't know where you're both, but i just give you my particular example, in European Union the rule is this, and the concrete example regarding to Acrobits Softphone, which is a Czechian company, so we apply European regulation.

    You're NOT purchasing any software support, you're NOT purchasing any industrial property. The property is for the owner itself, and he's giving you ONLY a right of use. So that concept was know until yesterday.

    The right of use of the intellectual property it was modified in E.U. according to regulation 29/2001 to be intended as Right Holder, so you, and me instead of be right users, we become right holder, and the developer still the right owner.
    So under that concept you buy a computer within OEM license, and change the software license, or you drop the hardware, so you still having right for that OEM license, then you sell it as used. This is a known concept established and clarified in European Law.

    But now, the issue is here, we purchase a license related to that market, Apple market, it's managed by apple, and I need one of tow, have right to hold it, transfer it for my own use, or if not sell it as used license, as described previously.

    I sent I request for that developer, we will see what they could say, it's interesting to make this issue public for the community interest. So I'll feedback you, what the developer will say...

  11. sbstreater

    sbstreater Active Member

    The software on the Apple is not the same as the software on the Android, so I don't think you can assume you can run it on both devices.

    This is different from my company, which develops Cloud software. We don't really mind what you run it on!
  12. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    From what you said it still sounds like you have all the right in the world to put the iOS version of the app on your android phone, if it works great otherwise you will need to purchase a version of their product that will work for your phone.

    From your example, I buy a computer with "Special OS" on it. I am free to buy another computer and put "Special OS" on it as well, only problem is the second computer I bought is not compatable with "Special OS". The same company make another product called "eSpecial OS" that is campatable with the other computer and acts exactly the same as "Special OS". Does the company have to give me a copy of "eSpecial OS" for free because I want to use "Special OS" on a computer that it is not compatable with? While both products look the same to the user the way they function behind the GUI is different and they required independent development. Why would the company owe me a free product because I purchased a different one and then changed my device to something the product I purchased was not designed to run on?
  13. Ubunter

    Ubunter New Member

    Hello again,
    For sbstreater question.
    I repeat, we are talking about different kind of material. I'm talking about a Software license, and you're talking about a Software application. The iOS are absolutely different then the Android, this is out of discus. But what you purchase is a license to use a software.
    So I mean, the license is the value established by law, as a right of use, the same this currency not of 50 USD have that value to be changed within another notes of 2X20 USD + 10 USD... it's your right to use one note 50 USD or 30 of them to resume 50. It's the legal value established by law.

    The issue is, and it's replay for Yeahha, when you buy a PC within an X OS, and you want to change that OS to another one as Y, you have right of one of the following options:

    1. Sale your X OS as used and buy whatever you want. The manufacturer cannot interfere in your sale action; Sec. 28 ECC 29/2001. This is applicable in European Union, some states in US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina...etc.
    2. Contact the manufacturer to get un upgrade for the Y, if this last one is being manufactured by the same one who manufacture the X. In that case, you can have right to that upgrade, and pay the difference, such as practice are respected by the WW Software manufacturers such as Adobe with there AOO licenses. But not by MS. For example.
    Pay attention to this last point, the option to get an upgrade it's a right respected by manufacturers, but is not exigible by law. I mean, you cannot go to the manufacturer, in use of right of hold, requiring to get an upgrade. This is the freedom of market. But manufacturers try to take advantage from that request, upgrade you, because if not you can go to sale your X license, and purchase from them full Y, or go to another developer to purchase your need.

    Remember, sbstreater, as you said, your company develop Cloud Software, and my Company deal in Used Software, as we're specialized in that, and now I found myself in personal purpose regarding this particular; tat all kind of Software licenses are transferable, unless it's a software Subscription, where you purchase a subscription, NOT a license to hold. So you cannot transfer a right which you don't hold. Example of that, i mean, an Antivirus Softwares, or MS Dynamic Software licenses, that licenses are a subscription to right of use into a specific period, NOT a perpetual license, as it's dominated by Microsoft, for example.

    So, in our particular, it's true, that the license are valid to be used for Mac hardware, the same if you purchase a MS Office 2008 license, which is specific for Mac OS, and then you require MS to get a downgrade right for Office 2007, or an upgrade to Office 2010, where both of them are only valid for PC OS. In this case, MS don't give that right, BUT, you still having the right to sale that license of Office 2008, and then purchase whatever you want from the market. So in our example, and in my particular, I purchased Acrobits Softphone for iOS from Apple Store, and now I want to use it in Android. In this particular, I'm requiring the developer to downgrademe, because that license in apple cost 10
  14. No_u

    No_u Well-Known Member

    There is no way you are going to get the app again for the simple reason that it will require Google to give you the right to download it on the market. Which will not happen, don't get your hopes up about that.

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