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  1. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member


    I've been searching how I can import photos and music from my usb-stick to my iconia a500. I can use the photos and music when the USB is plugged in, but I want them to stay on the tablet. But I can't find any option the save them on the internal memory.


  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    If you get es file manager app open it (i believe you have to tap or hold the blue star in the upper left for a second) when a bunch of folders pop up tap the mnt folder then usb storage or drive (can't remember which) then select/copy the files you want. Again with the blue star to take you back then sd card (its the internal one) and paste the files you copied there.
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  3. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Thank you for responding. I already installed es file manager, but I couldn't figure out how to copy the files. I'll try out it.
  4. cryinglion

    cryinglion New Member

    Thanks also. I was given the Acer A500 Tablet as well, and was also curious about how to transfer files. You think they'd make it easy from the start without having to download an app to do it. Thanks a million times over for the help!

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