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  1. newsgal23

    newsgal23 New Member

    I have the Droid Incredible and all of my photos have been stored on my phone. How do I transfer them to the SD card?

  2. rndiadem

    rndiadem New Member

    SAME question for my droid x! Anyone got the answer?
  3. aibrean

    aibrean Member

    First off, in the camera settings, make sure that your sd card storage is the default choice for the future. Then you can use your usb cord to plug into your computer and transfer from the phone storage DCIM folder to the SD card.
  4. maunish

    maunish New Member

    i cant find ne settings of sd card in my camera settings.... from where do u change it to default settings??? can u plz specify...?
  5. kelseymorris

    kelseymorris New Member

    I am trying to copy my photos from my sd card to my phone so that I can save them and use a new sd card. I tried to plug in my usb cord and i still cant figure it out. Any advice?
  6. brandi&lyllian

    brandi&lyllian New Member

    Ok the sd card is in the phone how do i get them from my gallery to the sd card??

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