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  1. gray916

    gray916 Member

    Hi All

    Previously I had a Sony Ericsson Elm, and i want to transfer all my SMS texts from that phone to my new Xperia Neo (Android).

    What is the best way to do this?

    I have transfered all my Texts to an SD card using the File Manager tool on my Elm, so I think I Have them saved, but i can find now way of transferring them from the SD card to my Xperia phone.

    Look forward to hearing your responses.

    Kind Regards


  2. gray916

    gray916 Member


    I have made a certain amount of progress. I have managed, using MPE, Astro File Manager and SMSConvert, to get my recieved texts onto my phone.Excellent.

    However, I am unable to get my 'sent' texs onto my new phone. The reason being is a problem with the time stamp. I have done some research on this and it appears that when you use MPE you can't export the timestamp with sent texts.

    Does anyone know an alternative way to export my sent texts.

    Thanks for your help on all of this



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