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  1. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    I was able to successfully download my contacts from My Verizon to my RMH, but I no longer have the profile pictures. (Actually, it attached one very weird picture to one of my contacts -- I have no idea where that came from!) What is the easiest way to copy these pictures from my Droid X?

    Thanks for all the help I've been receiving in this forum!

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I think if your contacts are backed up with your Gmail then the pictures should be saved alongside the contact, so if you do this then you should be able to retrieve your pictures when you sync your Gmail account back with your new device.
  3. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    I see, thank you. I have been using My Verizon to back up my contacts. I think some were backed up by Gmail, which is why had a some contacts appearing initially and with different photos attached. I generally don't use gmail. How do I go about backing up my contacts to gmail?
  4. t0ked

    t0ked Member

    If you still have access to your original phone, in contacts or phonebook or people, go to settings and export your contacts to SD card. Then place the card into your new phone and import the file created. This has preserved all info and pictures in my case.
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  5. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    Thank you! That makes a lot of sense.

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