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  1. jrelkins1

    jrelkins1 New Member

    I am a new Droid user. I have a Prius with NAV and Bluetooth. Has anyone figured a way to export contacts from a Droid to a Prius?

    Whitney, Texas

  2. Isthmus

    Isthmus Well-Known Member

    How does your prius import contacts in the first place? You can back up your gmail contacts to a file that other e-mail programs can read. I suspect that your car probably allows you to upload such a file (assuming it has this function). if so the issue would be one of interface more than anything else. I suspect that your toyota dealer would have the answer you seek.
  3. bobdrad

    bobdrad Active Member

    I just got a Prius with Nav, and it was a no-brainer. The Prius Nav uses the BT Phone Book Access Profile, which the Droid supports (with Android 2.2 anyway).

    I assume you've already added your phone and connected (see the Nav System Owners Manual page 124). You just touch "Contacts" on the Nav screen, and if the contact list is empty it asks if you want to import contacts from the phone.

    I don't know how you do this if you manually already entered some contacts. I suppose you could delete them and then follow the above steps and then add them back. That seems pretty lame, but I don't have a better suggestion.

  4. case1212

    case1212 Active Member

    Check this out:
    Toyota Bluetooth Phone
  5. jdk2

    jdk2 Well-Known Member

    That list is as old as the Nav Data that ships with the Prius. The Droid works with the Prius but it takes some patience and fiddling with the settings on the phone to make it work properly. The FRG22D update made it a little more difficult to pair with the D1's audio than previous updates, but it does work.
  6. bobdrad

    bobdrad Active Member

    I had no trouble pairing/connecting for phone audio. However, media audio is a different story - I can't get that to work at all. Worse, I can't plug it into USB for the media audio either, even if I tell the phone to mount the SD card. It seems to be constantly disconnecting and reconnecting the USB and the car never sees it. The audio BT and AUX tabs (and USB tab) stay unselectable. Has somebody gotten any of this to work properly for media audio?
  7. bobdrad

    bobdrad Active Member

    OK, I figured out how to get the BT media audio to work also.
    I simply hadn't realized you have to go into Setup/Audio and register your phone. Once I'd done that, and disconnected/reconnected, bluetooth audio works just fine. :)

    That said, the user interface sucks. All I get is play/pause. The buttons work for track forward/backward, which is nice, but I can't see or browse my titles in any way. I guess I'll have to set up the player on my phone first in order to use this effectively. Very 1990. I was hoping for something at least as good as the USB interface.

    I still can't get the AUX interface to work however. Turning off USB Debugging setting on my phone (which is required by my PDAnet application, unfortunately) seems to have stopped the constant USB connect/disconnect issue (or maybe I just stopped seeing it?) but it still doesn't show up when I try to register my portable player in Setup/Audio and the AUX tab isn't selectable in the Audio screen. Do I have to plug in the 1/8" stereo DIN plug as well as the USB for AUX?
  8. son37891

    son37891 New Member

    I've had no luck transferring the contact list into my '09 Venza, which is irritating since my previous BB Storm :mad: had no trouble at all transferring. The only blemish on what is, after two weeks, a great phone experience. Insights, anyone?
  9. melkisadek

    melkisadek New Member

    I've got a Droid phone (Hauwei Ascend) and I've put some real work into getting the bt connection from phone to Pius 2010 Nav system. The good news is that I can make calls through the Prius system just fine. Here's wherein lies my problem.
    I follow the directions precisely to the point where my blank contact list (in Prius) requests that the phone send the contact data. The phone informs me that it is being
    accessed and after about 2 minutes the Prius informs me that the bt units failed to communicate and there's nothing in Prius memory. I came to this site to find out if it
    was even possible for me to get contacts out of phone to Prius system. It seems pretty obvious that it is possible and what I've been doing is right but not getting the
    same results. I've got a Google contact list but I'm unclear as to how I would get the
    Prius to read that data. To summarize, I've got a BT connection and the phone works
    fine through the Prius system until I try to transfer the contact list. Anyone having better success with the Hauwei Ascend and Prius Nav system?

  10. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Welcome to Android Forums.

    I think you will have better luck posting in one of the Hauwei Ascend forums. There you will find other users of your phone.

    See the index at ...

    ... Thom

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