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  1. The Naf

    The Naf Active Member

    Hi all...

    As the title asks: is there a way I can transfer Microsoft word, ppt, pff's etc from my pc directly to my phone and still be able to open them up on the phone?

    I can download various files from email attachments and they shows up in the downloads app. where I can simply open them up to view. Not so when copying and pasting directly from my PC. I can use it as a medium to store and transfer files but am unable to open those files up to view on my phone. Is there a way around this?

    Thanks for all the help in advanced. Sorry for all the recent questions as I'm a new convert from iOS. Also thanks to the forum for all the help thus far (flashed to Takju successfully...)

  2. xxkid123

    xxkid123 Well-Known Member

    You should be able to access them with your phone.

    Find them in your SD card wherever you placed them. You'll need a file manager for that. I like using ES file manager from the play store.

    Tap on the file and it should open up, or ask for what app you want to open it with. If you don't have a document viewer, I prefer kingsoft office.

    Both apps are free.

    Sorry if I'm giving really basic advice, I wasn't sure by what you meant. If you're having an actual issue where your phone just isn't opening certain files, then it might be a bug.
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  3. The Naf

    The Naf Active Member

    Hehe don't worry you provided exactly what i needed. I just didnt realise I needed a file manager app to access the SD card (read total noob lol). Thanks dude. All fine now...

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