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  1. SirCraig

    SirCraig New Member

    I received a message from a friend of mine with a pic attached I wish to use for her contact profile. Problem is, all I can do is look at the pic - there doesn't seem to be a way to transfer it from her message to the gallery. Does anyone know a way to do this? I can't even upload the pic to MyPix on the Virgin site.

    Thanks in advance...

  2. aeroseek

    aeroseek Active Member

    Long-press on the pic. A menu will pop-up allowing you to save to SD card.
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  3. Joeydroid

    Joeydroid Well-Known Member

    While looking at the picture from the message, press the menu key, then attached items. You should get a popup to save the picture.
  4. SirCraig

    SirCraig New Member

    @aeroseek: Absolutely brilliant! Worked like a charm. Why can't they tell you this trick in any of the instruction manuals?
  5. SirCraig

    SirCraig New Member

    @Joeydroid: When I did that, the only options I got were zoom in/out - nothing about attached items. Still, thank you for the suggestion.
  6. aeroseek

    aeroseek Active Member

    I wonder that myself. I've found that long press is our friend in many a menu :D
    Glad to be of help.
  7. RolandTumble

    RolandTumble Member

    You may need to have her re-send it. Sometimes I get a pic & the above methods work, and sometimes my HandCent (or Messaging, whicever I'm using) thinks it's a "slide show" instead of just a picture, and then it doesn't give those options. Be sure it's the only picture attached to that particular message & you _should_ be okay.

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