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  1. porthos7

    porthos7 Well-Known Member

    Could someone tell me how to transfer pics that I downloaded that was sent to me. When I use the USB storage transferring, i can only find the pics that I took on the phone - none of the pics that people sent me, but it does shows them in "Downloads" in gallery. Very frustrating, but i'm sure it's operator error... (By the way, I'm using a Mac Book Pro if it matters...)

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    If your Mac is on your home network, you'd use a file manager like ES File Explorer on your tab for transfering.
    ES can access your Mac via WiFi as a network share.

    There won't be problems any more with this USB media protocol fuss!
    ES would transfer your pics from the Download folder to your Mac :)

  3. luciddream1

    luciddream1 New Member

    If all else fails, email them to yourself.
  4. driftinanomaly

    driftinanomaly Active Member

    It could be the usb mode that you are using to mount is MPT instead of mass storage. You can try this app to switch the mode:

    It has enabled me to see and transfer anything on my phone instead of just music and pictures from my library.

    The OP has probably found a solution by now, but I hope this may help others searching with the same problem.
  5. driftinanomaly

    driftinanomaly Active Member

    Oops, I was trying to quote my last post on a different thread and it posted here for some reason. Any moderators can please delete this and the next post.
  6. driftinanomaly

    driftinanomaly Active Member

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