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  1. raymondmadd

    raymondmadd Member

    Hey guys,

    Is there a way to automatically transfer photos from a samsung galaxy s4 phone to a samsung galaxy 3 tablet wirelessly.Any help here would be appreciated.

  2. AceKing721

    AceKing721 Member

    Just install Dropbox from the playstore on both devices.
  3. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    Not sure if your tablet had sbeam and nfc on it. But if you do, you can just have the two units send the data between them selves.
  4. bobolinko

    bobolinko Well-Known Member

    Download and install My Backup Pro!
    Simple as pie... hit Migrate from the menu and have it on both phones and you're in business, and no work involved!

    Good Luck and Aloha!
  5. kimonice

    kimonice New Member

    what do I do if I cant get 2 S4's to recognize each other through NFC...would love some
  6. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    Just use the Google pictures auto back up. Then no matter where you are, as long as you have internet and Google access you can access your pictures.

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