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    Oct 20, 2012
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    My daughter gave me her old transform, it was Sprint but flashed to page
    plus. I wanted to port my # from verizon to the transform. Every thing went well untill
    i tried to activate the phone. When I dial the activation # it ends call and I have no service until I shut off the phone and turn it back on. Customer service told me how to manually program the phone but when I do that it adds a 9 behind the first # I type and it wont let me delete it thus not allowing me to program my #,. Strange! I need help
    This is the method CS gave me to manually program the phone:

    Dial ##468346#
    when he terminal menu pops up click edit
    The Phone number should pop up with a box at the bottom saying touch here, touch it
    Type in new number and hit enter.

    I didn't get past that point because as soon as I typed the first number, an 8 in my case, a 9 comes up with it. It will not let me delete the 9. Any suggestions?


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