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    After thinking about it, I'm guessing you will only be able to pre-order it tomorrow in the UK. As it is, not one single paper or site has a review of it anywhere (west, east) that I can tell. I think it's only up for pre-order too in Taiwan.

    Edit: My fault. US launch info coming on the 31st.
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    Asus ships Transformer hybrid tablet - Page 2 - Forums

    Bindibadgi supposedly works at Asus. He or she hasn't said anything that new. Most interesting part is-

    I'll shoot a video today on the overlay, honeycomb and features. ASUS has gone down the HTC route and added it's own widgets, which can be removed if you like, but they are aimed to "soften" the very digital style of Honeycomb to appeal to the Eee market better.

    Good. The three final product launch videos I've seen showed it running stock Honeycomb, so I'm guessing they just added their apps to it, as opposed to redesigning the UI.
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    I got the feeling that Asus doesn't have the slightest idea what 'launch' means in the west and that it can be a bit confusing. Anyway, it's out April 6th at brick and mortar stores, and like I thought, the 30th was only the start for pre-orders. It was pretty obvious this was the case since I only came across one online UK store that had just put up a page for it and it seemed to only be up for pre-order in Taiwan.

    They've could've been clearer, but oh well. It's only one week. Hopefully the US 'launch' date is tomorrow.

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Slate EP121 officially priced & dated - SlashGear

    The Eee Pad Transformer will be available from 6th April 2011 at a price of

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