Transitions Between Activities

  1. spacecam2002

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    I have been following a "How-To" book to get my feet wet in Android Development. I'm currently trying to create an app with multiple Activities (Splash Screen, Main Menu, ect). I can't figure out how to transition from activity to activity while the app is running. (Example: app opens to Splash Screen which has a 5 second animation, but then after the 5 seconds it will remain on the Splash Screen instead of going to the menu)

    The book doesn't include any code examples and I can't figure it out. Anyone have any basic ideas on what I'm doing wrong that I could build off of?

    Thanks in advance

  2. id0001

    id0001 Well-Known Member

    you need to use the startActivity() or startActivityForResult() method.

    create an Intent with parameters 'context' & 'MyNewActivity.class'
    call startActivity() with parameters 'context' & 'myIntent'
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  3. spacecam2002

    spacecam2002 New Member

    That'll do it. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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