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  1. MandrewMandrew

    MandrewMandrew New Member

    Hi everyone. I am a US resident and I am travelling to Japan next week. I am trying to determine if my MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile will work there, just to receive phone calls and texts? I'm not overly concerned about accessing the internet, but it say, someone were to try and call me from the US, would I receive the call in Japan. Anyone know?


  2. ironpig

    ironpig New Member

    Yes, it will work for both. But be careful about data - even the background usage. If you don't want some big charges make sure to disable your data while roaming.
  3. OaklandR

    OaklandR New Member

    I wouldn't count on it. I have heard of people with MyTouch 3G's from the US going over there and not being able to use them. Europe yes Japan no.
  4. k808a

    k808a New Member

    Just got back from Japan. Was able to use my MyTouch 3G there without problems, voice and data, with a rented SIM that had a data plan. (If you use a rented SIM, make sure you get the phone unlocked before you go.)

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