[Trick] Change Internal Space to External and External to Internal [app2sd]

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  1. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    Things required:
    root xplorer or es file xplorer
    Rooted Funbook
    Download thisVold.fstab

    Note:Backup the orignal vold.fstab from /System/Etc/

    Method NO.1

    1) Install es file xplorer or root xplorer from market
    2) use es file xplorer or root xplorer to replace vold.fstab to /System/Etc/
    3) now reboot

    Method NO.2

    1) Download this adb driver and sdvue,zip and unpack it

    2)Connect your funbook to PC via usb cable and make sure usb debugging is enabled in settings.it will ask you to install adb drivers use the driver i provided in the link

    3)now open switch SDvUe.exe and follow the instruction after that tablet will rebooot automatically.

    enjoy :D:D
    Now u can install app directly 2 sd card and install gameloft game data to sdcard

    THANKS to sregey_F1 for making this great script

    NOTE:I recomended mostly to follow method 2 because of Different baseband version method 1 does not work for some people. people can try method 1 who have nandroid backup with clockworkmod install in it.

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  2. gorangjoshi

    gorangjoshi New Member

    hoovering over the net from past two days in order to do this , downloaded n no. of softwares, scripts and drivers but did not get any success, n after following ur easy steps my funbook has got 8GB of internal storage, So i would like to THANK YOU
  3. gorangjoshi

    gorangjoshi New Member

    And one more thing my old game data nw moved to exstd so i copied all data to internal storage and in this process i also replaced the original vold.fstab. so does it cause any problem in near fuutre, i ahve to funbooks and i have vold.fstab file of other one so cud i use same vold file in both d tab if required.
  4. gorangjoshi

    gorangjoshi New Member

    and one more thing, now my all game data moved to EXSTD so i have copieed all data to internal sd card and in this process i have lost original vold.fstab. Is it harmful?
  5. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    no not a harm i used it for a month ani it work good
  6. amitsharma37

    amitsharma37 New Member

    where is the system/etc located.. i cannot see it in my internal memory.. there is no folder by the name "system".. plz help
  7. amitsharma37

    amitsharma37 New Member

    Thank you so much for this.. finally was able to figure out the folder.. granted permisiions by superuser.. replaced the file voldfstab and voila.. internal memory changed..

    Thanks man..

    keep up the good work.
    God bless
  8. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Moved to ATR :)
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  9. anantsaab

    anantsaab New Member

    need help..jst copied & replaced dis file in sys/etc nd then rebooted..bt device nt starting...white screen appearing...plz help
  10. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    the problem u r saying that device will start after conecting charger is problem with charger they had provided u should go to service center
  11. Rahul2929

    Rahul2929 Member

    Please tell me with this method can I move my mail application data from "data\data\" to any portion of my external memory(SD Card) or not?
  12. X4Jonathan

    X4Jonathan New Member

    awww. problem. ive exchanged vold.fstab with the one you gave and used the 1st method but after rebooting and looking into my files it said that the sd card cant be read. same goes for the storage in the settings. im using Galaxy ace 2. how to fix this help.
  13. ashudb70

    ashudb70 Well-Known Member

    please some1 post the stock voldfstab please I ned vry urgent help.me pls aplha p250
  14. methunraj

    methunraj New Member

    Bro i use funbook talk..
    i copied and replaced the modified vold.fstab file using ES explorer and rebooted the tab, the external sd card changed to internal but the internal DIDNOT change or appear as external sd,im not able to mount SD Card.. But i select the option EXTSD >> mount SD card.. its say ur sd card is damaged........Please help!
  15. saifxxpp

    saifxxpp New Member

    how to root micromax p250
  16. joshinehal811

    joshinehal811 New Member

    Hi i did the same with my funbook talk
    the sd and ext sd both dnt work and u only see a bootup image of funboook
    i was stressed but came up with a solution
    first swith off your tablet if stuck on logo press power + volume up ur tablet will swith off
    next turn on ur laptop or computer and attach the switch off tablet via usb and wait for it to bootup automatically . Dnt press any key not evn power key
    it will boot up but ur sd card wont be readable
    now u have only ur phone memory working
    go to the play store and download file manager ( rythum soft )
    Open it go to settings of the file manager and tick root explorer option and the option below it ( mount system folders)
    Go back press home button left top corner then press up
    now press create and select file name it vold.fstab press ok
    the file is created tap on it and press open
    chose to open as text
    u will end up in a blank page now type the following exactly make sure the hash is in the begining of line not in the end . Dnt copy type.

    Do me a favor mail me on joshinehal811@gmail.com i will mail u the original format as the following format wont work
    type it and save it after that copy it go to system/ etc find the vold.fstab delete it and paste the one u had copied
    hold the vold.fstab u just copied and go to permissions check all in first coloumn and onlny the first box in second coloumn
    go back to the page where u had created the file vold.fstab in the beggining of the process go to settings of your filemanager again and unmark the mount system folders option and then unmark root explorer
    Reboot ur tablet
    Shazam tablet powers on and sd card is read
    note ------- do not dissconnect the usb cable till u power it off last time after the process
    when turning it back again remove the usb and power on normally using the power button
    hope it works for you . Best of luck . Feel free to ask anything in this issue
    i have read many posts on web but none but one gave me this idea . Dont do any sort of abd push or try to download vold.fstab chances are it wont work .
    For queries or help joshinehal811@gmail.com

    ## Vold 2.0 fstab for HTC Passion # ## - San Mehat (san@android.com) ## ####################### ## Regular device mount ## ## Format: dev_mount <label> <mount_point> <part> <sysfs_path1...> ## label - Label for the volume ## mount_point - Where the volume will be mounted ## part - Partition # (1 based), or 'auto' for first usable partition. ## <sysfs_path> - List of sysfs paths to source devices ######################

    # Mounts the first usable partition of the specified device #/devices/platform/awsmc.3/mmc_host for sdio dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/virtual/block/nandj dev_mount extsd /mnt/extsd auto /devices/platform/sunxi-mmc.1/mmc_host /devices/platform/sunxi-mmc.0/mmc_host dev_mount usbhost1 /mnt/usbhost1 auto /devices/platform/sw-ehci.1 /devices/platform/sw_hcd_host0 /devices/platform/sw-ehci.2
  17. haree

    haree Active Member

    i did try this and it works like a charm now i have 32GB to us and add as many games i need

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