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tricks and tips on how to get better 3g speeds

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  1. TookRDerbs

    TookRDerbs Well-Known Member

    i feel really bad for my buddy ive been trying to turn his optimus m into a bad mofo like my samsung prevail on boost. ive rooted it, put cm7 and did some qpst work and got the newest prl (3026 or somethin like that). ive got just about every aspect of the phone itself working perfectly except for one thing. he never has 3g and his download and upload speeds are complete crap. 35kbs dl and 50kbs up ?? theres gotta be some more stuff i can do to it. im getting around 2.2mgb down and .63 mgb up. on boost.

    any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    boost has faster speeds than metropcs.....the area u are in also may not be sending out 3g signals for metropcs, but there is one guide that is known to make speeds faster on 3G and sometimes they are faster on 1x, sometimes theyre not
    http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-m/507647-3g-boost-really-works.html (scroll down to post 9 for the instructions which is another link.....I'm just showing you that we found something that works with the Optimus M already)
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  3. TookRDerbs

    TookRDerbs Well-Known Member

    i saw that post yesterday and exited out before my buddy got to the house and i couldnt find it again after that. thanks a bunch man ill try it as soon as he gets here. oh and ive checked the mapping of 3g and its all over my area... btw, boost ftw
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    try another PRL then, I heard that in some areas 3025 works better than 3026. In other areas 3026 works better than 3025...just gotta find the right one for your area

    Also yea I want to switch my Optimus M to boost, I really hate metropcs...
  5. TookRDerbs

    TookRDerbs Well-Known Member

    im down to 40 a month, unlimited everything, no problems with tethering also
    *and treid every prl since 3019
    hes getting a little better servie but it still doesnt amount to boost's, might get him to switch up

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