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  1. Spdy

    Spdy Well-Known Member

    alright guys well I've been looking for some cases for a LONG time now and finally decided to get the cyclops case from Trident after hearing some great things about them. Which I have decided to go with a simple pros/ cons list.

    -case is a VERY tight wobbling at all that is on some otterboxes and others.

    -case is sealed pretty well..other than the pre cut holes i find this thing to be well sealed and not cheaply made.

    -feels "right in my hand" and by that i mean its not too grippy and not too loose..pretty sure this thing wont fall out of my hand anytime soon..but it wont also cling to my pockets like my sprint case did (shudders).

    -port protectors do their job well..however the bottom one looks as if with time it might loosen but right now it stays in place well. the headphone jack port is tough to get out but i found that if you tile the phone downward it comes out easily...better to be too tight than loose am I right?

    -camera, screen flash, front camera are all protected bery well...doesnt look like theyll be scratched anymore than they already are.

    -feels durable in your hands and doesnt feel that cheap.

    -colors are great to have as a choice

    Now for the cons

    -pictures with flash come out blue colored..I have researched this online and it seems that this is common everywhere..however you could just use a needle and pop out the flash protectors and theyd still be protected...although it still doesnt excuse them from not doing extensive studys into seeing if their was any other type of protector that doesnt alternate the picture.

    -screen does have a SLIGHT rainbow effect...again this is another common problem as it seemse that the screen wont stick all the way and does leave some rainbows...HOWEVER this is very minimal and hasnt hindered my viewing of web pages or videos etc. (you can order a premium replaceable screen protector on Trident's website for $3, Ive heard that it for the most part fixes this problem).

    -the back isnt painted ALL the way..and by this i mean that their are some areas that are white when they should be grey...however they are only about 1 millimeter big and thus thats actually probably too much to ask for from any "small" company.

    -it isnt completely water resistant (holes on the back that are their for design and the kick stand is exposed). although I think for this con you should have to pay more to get this feature than what i got it for.

    Now..I believe that this is one of the better cases around compared to some of the big brands like sedio otterbox etc. Also for the price..which is $27 I believe that this is the best deal for anyone looking for a medium sized case...offers about as much if not more protection than the commuter which for the protection and price ($35) is not the better deal in my opinion.

    Price $27 (from are having a sale on all versions of this case with free you can get a free priority shipping from Tridents facebook page) regular price is $35 i believe on tridents website

    Quality: par with the Commuter if not better (protects the front side more, feels great and durable etc)

    feelings about ordering: I ordered last Monday and it came in Today (Monday) with regular shipping so a week..I believe thats good considering I live all the way in the south and I believe the place is in Ny. they also kept me up to date with frequent emails assuring me when it was processed, shipped etc.

    variety: Exceeds the norm of most "tough' cases with the colors: red, orange, white, green, black, and blue. (camo purple etc are coming out later i believe..check their facebook page as they hold votes on the wall frequently).

    Overall: definitely recommend it at least since i got it for under $30...mainly its a steal compared to what else is out their..also it looks like the companys doing a great job overall.

    oh and I'll be sure to post updates as time wears on to see long term usability. ( oh and please og easy as this is my first extensive review I've would be greatly appreciated).

    (pictures coming soon).

  2. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    Nice review!

    I have the blue case and for the most part I like it. I agree with of the Pro points that you made.

    You mentioned a "slight" rainbow effect, but mine is a major rainbow covering about 60% of the screen. I ordered the "Premium" protectors directly from Trident and they also have this oily rainbow effect issue.

    Another issue I have experience is that pocket lint easily gets trapped in cutout for the proximity sensor, so after your screen goes blank during a call, it is impossible bring the screen back unless you clear the cutout. Keep canned air close by. Check the Trident Facebook page, seems to be a very common issue.

    At this point, unless you don't care about the screen or camera covers, I would not recommend this product.

    I do have to say that I dropped my phone yesterday onto a tiled floor and it suffered no ill effect. The case is indeed tough.
  3. Spdy

    Spdy Well-Known Member

    yea actually the rainbow effect is growing the more i use the screen..but it doesn't hinder any of the phones use since I only notice it when its turned off...the proximity sensor is a common issue for these cases and has actually been reported to be worse depending on what color you have..I have the white one and i have had no issues at all..but i dont think lint should be able to get in the hole that easily.."perhaps baggy pockets is the issue"?...and with the camera it only looks like what they use to cover the flash is making it could easily poke out the covers and either replace it or just leave it...upon further investigation I've found that the flash is already protected well enough by the case by itself.

    But I do agree that the company does show off its "inexperience in this field" as the case definitely needs a fix which shouldnt be manually done by the buyer. But still with the price and the durability/toughness it does exactly what I paid for.
  4. goodboy

    goodboy Well-Known Member

    Is the protector built INTO the case? I ask because I already have a very nice protector on mine, Steinheil Ultra Clear, and was wondering if I'd need to remove it.
  5. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    It is attached to the case by adhesive. It is easily removed without damaging the case.

    I did have to cutout the camera lense cover with a sharp knife as flash photos are tinted blue with the build in film. The engineer that designed the case did a fantastic job, but the film they use sucks.
  6. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    For your first (1) problem, I think I've found a solution. I had this as well, though mine no longer has the air bubbles, or the rainbow'ing.
    What I did is just this. Take the top half of the cover off, and in the bathroom, just scrub, with your fingers on both sides, on the screen cover. Do it under the running water.
    I found that out inadvertently when I dropped the top half in some dirt while trying to clean the prox. sensor cutout off. Figured water can't hurt it, scrub-a-dub-dub, and then, ZOMG, no more bubbles or skittles branding on the screen!! You might have to do it a few times, but after a few "washings" it totally goes away and sits flush on the screen. I guess the plastic loses it's oily film or whatever with every water scrub down and loosens up, so it's no big deal.

    The proximity sensor though (2), aside from ripping the case apart every 2 days to clean it, I haven't found a solution for. It just seems it's a bad design that can't really be averted.
  7. thedonk13

    thedonk13 Well-Known Member

    Question, did you use soap when you did this "trick" and how did dry the screen? Did you whisk it through the air several times or simply lay it down and let the water dry itself?

    My case arrives today and I was thinking about doing this trick before I even put the case on the phone to just avoid the problem all together...
  8. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Well-Known Member

  9. thedonk13

    thedonk13 Well-Known Member

    So I got my case on Friday and (ab)used it all weekend to see if I really wanted to keep it on my we go!!

    Pros -

    1) The size, it's bulky enough to protect the phone while also fitting nicely in my pocket. There is some pocket bulge, but nothing that isn't manageable for a guy in regular fit jeans. If you are one of those teenie bopper/early 20 guys who wishes to be a girl and wears slim fit jeans, go buy an iphone, but seriously, this case probably won't fit in your girl pants.....girls would probably throw this in the purse like my wife does with her evo...

    2) It feels solid in the hand. It's not so sleek anymore and feels sturdy in my hand. I can text one handed (i use slideIT) and i don't have big hands either. The silicon isn't as slick as some have said. THe screen protector it comes with was replaced with their premium one simply for the adhesive part. I didn't want dirt and lint to get under the screen protector so i opted for the one that adhears to the case with an adhesive. The screen protector feels silky smooth as well and doesn't have that orange peelish look that Zagg gives off.

    3) The port covers are fantastic! They are easily opened up and close back snuggly. I have zero problems with them and they don't open inside my pocket when pulling the phone out.

    4) The camera lens is covered with a screen protector as well! This may be a new thing, but the company is shipping the cases with the plastic cover for the camera and LED's uninstalled, so you have to apply this yourself. I simply cut off the section that covers the LED's and applied the cover to the back portion of the phone that protects the camera lens. No issues with blueing of photos or anything. I opted to leave the flash un protected because they are recessed quite a bit inside the case and there are precut holes in the back anyway, so I didn't see any real reason to have them covered.


    1) the case loves lent! I mean my pockets are amazingly clean now because of the cases desire to vacuum up all the lent inside my pockets. Whereas this is some what annoying, it's pretty simple to clean off the lint once you have your phone out and it doesn't really bother me. This is to expected/accepted with all silicon cases that aren't a TPU type design.

    2) there is some slight rainbowing/waterwarking going on with the screen protector. I did the baby powder trick and all was good, but then wiped it clean and reinstalled like it was supposed to be. After a weekend of using my phone for watching movies, angry birdin it, texting, surfing the web, and all other uses; I have not had any uses of the phone hindered by this rainbowing/watermarking. I only see this when the screen is turned off and the phone is at an angle. To me, this is a non-issue because it does not take away from the usefulness of the phone.

    In conclusion, I would recommend this case 100% to anyone who wanted something that was of OtterBox quality, without that horrible price tag that they enjoy applying to their products. Also, this case looks a lot better than the OB selection. If they sold the hard cases individually so you could mix and match your colors, that would be great, but over all I think its a great case.

    I ordered mine directly from trident's website and it was $34 shipped, I paid a little extra because I wanted my case sooner. I could of saved going through another site, but I would have had to wait a few extra days, the extra few dollars to this company is worth it to me to have my phone sooner, and help fund their projects to make a Kraken version for the HTC EVO. I ordered on a Wednesday and received it Friday. I live in CA and they ship from CA so that is why it was so quick.

    Again, I would recommend this case over the OB Commuter/Defender anyday. It may not offer the same protection of the Defender, but it is cheaper and looks a lot better!
  10. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    I have both the Cyclops and the Defender. I would say that the Cyclops is a really good case. It doesn't look too bad and it is will protect your phone. It is cheaper than the Defender so that makes it a great alternative. The Cyclops also comes in different colors. The Defender only comes in black. But I prefer the Defender. It protects just as well and looks and feels great. If money is an issue then I would go with the Cyclops. It is a good case at a great price.
  11. April_Fool_79

    April_Fool_79 Well-Known Member

    I happened across this case on a website I was playing "ohh, that looks cool ::click::" on, and wanted to ask you guys if those holes in the back are lint / dust magnets. There was another case called the Xmatrix that I saw, but reviewers said it trapped a bunch of dust in the holes, which caused the back of the phone to be nasty dirty. I assume the holes are there to help with airflow, and I don't keep the phone in my jeans pocket (too much, just occasionally, otherwise it's in the pocket of my backpack by itself). Any thoughts?

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