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  1. F22_RaptoR

    F22_RaptoR Active Member

    So I got the Trident Cyclops series case for my Nexus S a couple days ago, so thought it would be a good time to post a review about it now that I have some carry time with it!

    First off, getting out of the box. Comes with a little headphone extension (in case your headphone jack is too fat to go into the hole) and the user-addable screen protector for the rear camera & flash.

    The case itself is 3 pieces, a front section that includes a BUILT-IN screen protector that covers the main screen AND the camera and brightness sensor. The rear section with a lanyard loop molded in and the cutout for the camera and LED flash. It also has a bunch of little vents about a third of the way from the bottom (to prevent battery from overheating I suppose?) The last piece is the silicone ring that fits around everything.

    The front and rear case snaps together pretty solidly and the silicon ring is a good tight fit, once you slip it over (back to front is easiest) there are 2 channels, one going all the way around the front and one on the back. There are matching protrusions on the silicone ring that fit into these channels, and "lock" the ring in place from movement. Its a bit of a PITA to get it set into the channels, I just slowly worked it in all the way around, had to massage it a bit in some spots.

    After carrying it at work for a few days, the silicone ring hasn't slipped or moved at ALL (which I was thinking it would). Its VERY grippy, and definitely attracts pocket lint. It also has a tendency to pull your pocket inside-out with it when you take it out :p

    The screen protector doesn't feel as nice as the factory screen, thankfully it seems fairly simple to remove if you want, it looks like some basic adhesive around the edges that would come out. Obviously its quite a bit more beefy than your standard Zagg shield, and would offer good impact resistance. It doesn't seem to lag the screen at all, just feels a bit less "clean". One thing about the protector, it seemed to have some faint rainbow distortions where it presses on the screen not sure if this is the screen shield or the AMOLED screen. It has seemed to go away after a few days (maybe the screen protector just relaxed a bit into the phone)

    The one thing I have to gripe about is are the buttons, they are VERY easy to accidentally press, about every time I take the phone out of my pocket its turned on already, although once you get used to it its not a big deal.

    Comes in a few flavors, when I ordered it just black was in stock, now it appears all colors are in stock.


    One thing I forgot to mention, it DOES obviously add quite a bit of thickness and bulk to the phone. Its about 5/85ths of an inch thick on the main body and 3/4" thick near the base.

    I have also ordered an Aegis series case for kicks and giggles to see if its a little nicer for an everyday carry case, although the Cyclops is definitely gonna protect your phone!

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    Now for some pics :D


    (this one seemed to focus on the reflection instead of the phone :p )




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  2. Sentinel66

    Sentinel66 New Member

    Thx for the awesome review - I just joined to post a little rant against Otterbox and do some research on available cases for the Nexus S. I really would like a belt clip feature but was considering the Cyclops too as it does seem rugged enough. Thx again - stay safe! :)
  3. F22_RaptoR

    F22_RaptoR Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words! The cyclops seems to be good and solid, however now that I got the Aegis case its what I use. The biggest advantage of the Cyclops is the screen protector and the extra thickness of the plastic shell. I did a review on the Aegis on another thread a couple posts down. Unless your going for maximum protection, then I'd say the Aegis is the way to go, although it does NOT have a belt clip (nor does the cyclops) I much preferred a belt carry as well but I use my pocket now.

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