Tried rooting my galaxy s gt-9000m and failed please help

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  1. kerrpow

    kerrpow New Member

    I tried rooting my phone but downloaded the gt-9000 version instead of the gt-9000m version now my phone wont go past the galaxy s booting screen the most progress its made it making the boot up sound but it cuts off half way. is this fixable? Any free ways of fixing it? im le poor but if theres only one way I guess I must. :eek:

  2. kerrpow

    kerrpow New Member

    Think theres a way to take the screen of the gt-9000m and put it on a samsung galaxy s fascinate? Would they be compatible?
    I broke my screen real bad on my fascinate and the screen slowly fades away on me as I type highly annoying. :mad::)
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    This should be solvable by simply downloading and flashing the correct insecure kernel for the i9000M.

    I'll move this to the Galaxy S sub-forum, where it will be seen by owners of the handset.

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