Trio Stealth Lite 4.3" Internet Tablet Reset

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  1. 82Master82

    82Master82 New Member

    I forgot the password on my Trio Stealth Lite 4.3" Internet Tablet. I would like to reset it. I see the word 'reset' with a tiny hole beneath it, and a slightly larger hole near by. I tried using a paper clip on the larger hole to no avail. The tablet turned on immediately after holding the smaller hole for 30 seconds, which could be a problem as I read that the device must remain off for 60 seconds. I also read that you can reset by powering down the device and then holding the power and volume up (some websites say volume down) buttons. However, when I turn off the device it turns itself back on within seconds.

    Thank You

  2. I'm not sure about your specific tablet, but try either vol-up+power or vol-down+power to get it into recovery mode. If it pops up with an android icon with a ! or something like that, try hitting vol-up or down and see if that takes you into the recovery menu. If you can get into there, you should be able to do a factory reset, wipe cache, etc. Hope this helps. As I'm finding out within the last week, cheapo tablets can be a pain in the butt.

    Oh, yeah, you may be able to do a factory reset or boot into recovery mode from the settings menu, dig thru there and see if you can find that option. My tab lets me do it that way as well.
  3. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Sorry no factory reset on this. There is no recovery. Good luck remembering it & don't lock things unless your going to keep a key.
  4. babylightfoot

    babylightfoot New Member

    I have a trio stealth-10 MST10-21 my screen froze on the logo screen i did a reset by pressing the power

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