Trio Stealth Pro Tablet Freezing.

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  1. CSamsel11

    CSamsel11 Member

    Ok. Literally tried EVERYTHING I could think of to get this to work... Got my girlfriend a Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro tablet for christmas. Every time it goes to sleep/screen turns off, when she turns it back on, it freezes. BUT just the SCREEN INPUT freezes... if I am typing to her on facebook, it will show the messages and everything, but it's like she can't "touch" the screen. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do or how to fix it? She's getting very frustrated and so am I. PLEASE HELP!

    p.s. It's running on Android 4.0 (No update available)

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    I have moved this thread into the General Tablet Talk forums to receive some better device assistance.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. CSamsel11

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    Ok thanks :). Sorry, new here haha
  4. CSamsel11

    CSamsel11 Member

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to try? Tried hard reset, cleared cache.. everything.
  5. crazyfisherman

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    Having same problem w/grandsons. Powers up, can't get nothing---just android.
  6. CSamsel11

    CSamsel11 Member

    Her's gets farther than that.. she can use it just fine and everything.. but after the screen times out or if it goes into sleep mode, the touch input is unresponsive... but you can still see things going on/moving on the screen.. you just can't 'touch' them.
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