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  1. shawndak089

    shawndak089 Member

    Good Morning Android forums,

    So lets start from the begining, I recieved a motorola Triumph about a week ago. It would not start up or take a charge. At that moment I checked battery voltage, 0.5V. So i jumped the battery with another charger and sure enough it started up no issues. I install CWM Recovery and put CM9 Rom on phone. Everything was running great untill yesterday when i was loading a webpage and everything went blank.I had about 60% battery. I tried turning it on, nothing. I tried all recovery methods, battery removal, no battery just power. It had 3.83V on the battery so i know that should be good. When plugging into my windows 8 computer i get qhsusb_dload. Is there any way to fix or where can i start to begin to understand what to fix or what is broken? Anything would be appriciated, and perhaps we can make this phone unbrickable.

    Thank you

  2. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    I would think the battery is bad. Since you just bought this and activated with Virgin Mobile you should have a year warranty. I would call customer support and let them know the error you are having and get a replacement. Since you just activated this VM should send you a brand new phone in the box (at least that is what they did for my Wife). If not ask for a Grade A replacement. And it doesn't matter that CM9 is on it either. Just don't divulge that :)
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  3. shawndak089

    shawndak089 Member

    VM is sending me a new one after a legthy call last night, btw motorola wanted me to send mine in, then have them repair it and send it back. After he told me it would take two weeks total, I persisted to ask him if he would pay my phone bill for the month haha. Anyways so if its a bad battery wouldnt it start up with just the power cable plugged in, no battery? Im just trying to see if i can get two working phones!?
    Thank You G60!
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    No, just plugging the charger in will not power the phone, why bother dealing with Motorola when Virgin is so much easier? As far as getting a class a replacement the official policy is that only applies for the first 30 days on devices purchased directly from them. Good luck.

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