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  1. cased3448

    cased3448 Member

    hey guys so i loved bsydz roms and the work MTDEV have put into our phone. I've drunk the koolaid and im now running bsydz paranoid android (jan 13 build) after using the u9000 rom for a long time. There is literally only one other thing (besides the camera) that will extend the life of this phone, forever. If we can get the triumph to work with atrix lapdock, we can continue using the phone as a laptop for years.

    Its really easy to hook up a SoC device like the MK802 and other variants. I can get a nice hdmi display on the screen as well on the u9000 rom. The only thing preventing usage of the nice keyboard and trackpad is a few kernel tweaks. I have an otg cable and 5-pin usb adapter but it does not allow the tirumph to use the usb keyboard/mouse in the lapdock...

    Can you genius's see if there is a way to get the triumph to work with it? I've read on numerous forums that any android phone can be tweaked to work with a low power usb device like the keyboard/ trackpad, we just need kernel tweaks!

    If not, what are other cheap phones/ pmp's that have a built in usb-host and hdmi out so that we can use it as a mini, ultra-ultra portable laptop?? I know the atrix, droid bionic, razr, razr maxx work with the lapdock, but i need something cheap haha! help me

  2. cased3448

    cased3448 Member

    some additional info stolen from a slickdeals user:

    " the HDMI input will take -ANY- other HDMI source. Even sources with HDCP. get the female micro hdmi type D adapter and you can hook this screen up to a PC or game console. The screen is completely battery powered, as are two ports on the back of the unit.

    the micro USB can also be attached to a game console or pc with a proper adapter. The keyboard and touchpad will function as normal USB HID devices!! the only caveat is that the dock sends 5V up the red USB cable on the dock portion, since a phone is expected to charge. if hooking up to a PC or game console (or raspberry pi!) youd want to cut that red wire.

    Seems like it can be modified with little effort to work with a Droid Bionic (saw that the Photon connectors are similarly adjacent like the Droid):

    For what it's worth, I have this, I rewired the HDMI & USB, and it works with my Photon. Paid $65 off a friend "
  3. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

    Also if you swap the 2 ports around on the dock, my Atrix 2 would fit. Supposedly my A2 would fit a Bionic dock perfect. I havent made it that far yet.

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