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Trouble after 2.1 upgrade?Support

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  1. Shinji_Ikari

    Shinji_Ikari Member

    This morning i upgraded/updated to 2.1, thought it was going to be a big whoo-hoo. Since hte update I have not been able to use youtube. When navigating the site I click on the video, and am prompted to choose whether I want to finish the action with Skyfire or youtube, I choose youtube and it goes into the video loading screen with the circular arrow thingy, and it sits there like that for about 1 or 2 minutes and might play the first few seconds of the video, if i am lucky. If I am not lucky it just sits there and does not play at all. I have tried using other apps and gt the same result.

    Issue #2 after the update I can't seem to find the video player ap I was using to play videos I had downloaded before they made it to where you can't rip straight from youtube.

    Using anything on the internet/ATT network seems to be slow, may this be because of increased traffic or does this phone just get slower with every patch/update?


  2. djtorrespr

    djtorrespr New Member

    I had that same problem, when i did the 2.1 upgrade it went ok, but the 3G speed is not working the internet access is slow, the symbol of 3G now changed to E that is Edge. I can browse internet & the market but slow.

    I tried using youtube, it works but slow downloading
  3. mikes8590

    mikes8590 New Member

    I am experiencing issues trying to connect to YouTube after the 2.1 upgrade. The Android YouTube widget just says 'Connection problem. Touch to try again' but no matter what I do it just won't connect to YouTube. VERY FRUSTRATING!!
  4. Shinji_Ikari

    Shinji_Ikari Member

    Skyfire has been able to play youtube videos, but it is not reliable, it only works a little bit of the time. I know I don't have the best connection where i live, so I am going to try it when i go to work, and see how it goes there.

    Also went to m.youtube.com (the mobile site) and got it to work once this morning. This is rather frustrating since youtube worked just fine Monday, and the 2.1 update was supposed to make things work even better.
  5. cln014

    cln014 New Member

    A couple of questions for y'all:

    1) Did you receive the 2.1 upgrade via the cell phone towers, or did you manually install the upgrade from the Motorola website?

    If you installed it over the air, I'm not sure what to suggest.

    If you installed it using the Motorola wesbite's online upgrade tool, then that itself is your problems.

    Apparently, the website has had problems with it's upgrade tool, and some files are not getting copied to the phone, causing lagging issues, as well as issues with pre-installed apps.

    The fix is to do a master reset. I did, and now my device is working properly.

    Good luck!
  6. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    Your theory makes no sense. Both upgrade methods require the download of the upgrade file and neither uses 3G if you follow Motorola's directions for upgrading. If the files that are required are missing, resetting the phone won't fix the issue. No files are transferred to your phone during a reset.

    Regardless of the method of upgrading some users experience odd behavior with their phone. A reset usually fixes the problem. With the number of possible configurations there is no way that Motorola could foresee every possible problem and potential conflict with existing apps on the user's phone.

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