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Trouble changing default music playerSupport

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  1. Asterra

    Asterra Member

    I know how it's supposed to work:

    Settings -> Application manager -> "All" tab -> Music Player -> Launch by default -> Clear defaults, and then play a music file so you can define the new default player.

    This seems to work only half the time. I should elaborate.

    What I have been looking for is a free music player that plays music and likewise enables said music to be streamed via bluetooth. The specific thing I need said player to do, which the default "Music Player" fails to do, is not cut off the first 1/3rd of a second of each track. Yes, "Music Player" does this, and it is highly annoying.

    As it turns out, every music player I've tried besides "Music Player" has proven capable of playing tracks without cutting off their beginnings. Unfortunately, most of them have only been "free" for their trial periods. Winamp seems to be the lone exception. Fair enough.

    Only problem is that I cannot force Winamp to be the default player for streaming. The Note 2 will stream music that Winamp happens to be playing, but it does this in addition to the music being played by Music Player, and track seeking remains controlled by Music Player despite the fact that Music Player has "No defaults loaded".

    I don't know if this is a specific limitation of Winamp or a shortcoming in how Android (or the Note 2's implementation of it) handles bluetooth streaming. Therefore I don't know if I should yet again hunt around for a different free audio player or hope that there is a straightforward solution I have simply overlooked. Help would certainly be appreciated.

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I know you're looking for something free, but PowerAmp is well worth the few bucks. I've used it on every Android phone since I started with the first Evo.
  3. Asterra

    Asterra Member

    Tell you what. Show me that Poweramp can force the Note 2 to use whatever bluetooth codec I like (Apt-X Lossless, for example) and I'm at the point where I'd be willing to pay for that. Otherwise, we are talking about playing music, something that's been free and taken for granted since Windows 3.1. I don't want to "enhance" (corrupt) my music, and I don't consider "it works" to be a feature.

    Music Player's bug happens to be the kind that only 10% of folks will notice and even fewer will feel like circumventing, so it will almost certainly never get fixed, especially when taking into account the prioritization - read: lack thereof - of bug-fixing in Android's developmental agenda. The fact that the same bug is 100% absent from all alternatives says it all, really.

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