Trouble choosing notification sounds

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  1. zouave114

    zouave114 New Member


    I added a few MP3's from a sound site, however some only work as ringtones but will not work as notifications. I have the two folders- Ringtones, Notifications but there is no choice to "set as" notification" only Phone ringtone, Caller ringtone or Alarm tone. When I go thru settings/sound settings/notification ringtone they do show on the list, but even when chosen the last sound I had plays I have also tried restarting. Do some sounds simply not work well?.



  2. LS1BadBird

    LS1BadBird Well-Known Member

    Download Ringtone maker. You can browse your files, find the sound clip and choose to save as mp3, ringtone or notification file.
  3. cobretti

    cobretti Well-Known Member

    If your rooted you can copy and paste them to your system/media/audio/notification file. Just don't forget to change the owner and permissions. Owner/group should be root/root and the perms should be rw-r-r I believe. I've done this in the past and even after flashing a different ROM those media files were still there.

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