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  1. Capt.De57

    Capt.De57 Member

    I just got the EVO 3D and need to install the firefighter calendar that I had on my hero. I re-downloaded the widget and when I look at my apps in the market it shows it was installed, however I can not locate it. Where do I need to go to find it and install on one of my scenes? Thanks

  2. Day7

    Day7 New Member

    Hold Your finger over empty spot and pick widgets :)
  3. Capt.De57

    Capt.De57 Member

    I would do that if I could find the widget, my problem is I can not locate the widget.
  4. Day7

    Day7 New Member

    Check if its really installed. Settings -> Apps -> Management -> Downloaded (or something like this, I have different language).
  5. Capt.De57

    Capt.De57 Member

    The app. is there. I want to use it as a widget so it stays open like a calendar all the time. When I put it onto a scene it just shows up like an icon and then I have to tap it to open.
  6. flairmedk

    flairmedk Well-Known Member

    On some of the widget apps you have to go into the app's or widgets settings (of that particular app, not the general settings on the home screen). This was the case with an old Gmail unread app. When you go into the actual applications setting it had a box that you would have to check mark to "Run as a Widget". Don't know if that is the case with this one but you may just want to check and see.
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  7. Capt.De57

    Capt.De57 Member

    I looked around, but did not see anything that said "run as widget".
  8. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    You said the app is in the app management right? Check to see if its located on the phones internal memory or the sd card. If its on the sd card, move it to internal memory. Then see if you can use it as a widget. Some apps will not work as a widget if they are on the sd card.
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  9. Capt.De57

    Capt.De57 Member

    How do I check the SD Card to see what is on it?
  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    you need a file explorer such as es file explorer in the market or connect your handset to your computer and view there.

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