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Trouble Rooting Galaxy Note 2.3.6 LA6 every time

  1. CYC10pz

    CYC10pz New Member

    Hi everyone,

    every time I have downloaded some package that claims to root my phone it has failed in the command prompt.

    It just says something along the lines of 'the specified path could not be found' over and over, then says 'All done - your phone is now rebooting - complete'

    Is there a simple method to do it? Some of the guides are so awfully put together I can barely understand them.

    N7000, 2.3.6, LA6.

    Anyone got ideas? Getting REALLY frustrated. All I want to do is get ICS on my note.


  2. drunkenmax

    drunkenmax Well-Known Member

    Galaxy Note Root Guide | RootGalaxyNote.com

    does this help

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