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trouble with all SMS pictures saving as the same file name.Support

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  1. pwall1298

    pwall1298 New Member

    When I try and save photos ive been sent through text they all have the same file name when I try to save them to my sd card. Is anyone else having this problem and is there anything I can do other then crop my previous saved photo to be able to save the new one?

  2. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    I have never had this issue before. Question: Have you checked to see if whoever is sending the pictures to you is not naming them all the same when sending?
    Best case just save them as a different name, you should be given an option for that.
  3. kc8why

    kc8why New Member

    I am having the same issue, doesn't matter who sends image by SMS all incoming images are re-named to imagejpeg_2 and have to be renamed every time I want to save a picture from my text. Never had this problem before. Any help would be great.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 touch

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