Trouble with latest Gingerbread, thoughts?Support

  1. jhe888

    jhe888 Member

    I installed an update of Gingerbread on my EVO 4G over the Labor Day weekend. My phone has rebooted itself a couple of times. Literally. It is just sitting there, minding its own business, and it restarts. It has frozen a couple of times while I was using the camera and had to be rebooted.

    I do have Juice Defender running, but that is the only non-stock program that runs all the time.

    Anyone else see this, or have any thoughts?

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    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Heres some previous discussion on the topic.
    Gingerbread impressions/tips/problems NON ROOTED STOCK ONLY
  3. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Yeah - mine seem to have picked up that bug.
    Unintended Sense & Power reboots.

    The latter more so than the former.
    the camera issue popped once for me also & then it rebooted itself.

    So while the 4.53 patch help alleviate the Voice to Text bug, it exacerbated the reboot issues.

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