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  1. serg

    serg Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 30, 2009
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    htc magic I ripped it a little nerve I had. Namely, what is this: Again, I installed an application that I downloaded from market. It is an alarm clock. Properly install the application means, Fan alarm, turn off your cell phone and now the problems occur.
    Alarm clock does not ring, the phone can not turn on, but only restarting. All we left is make hard restart. Clear all settings, which clearly must re-enter later.
    Since I entered all the settings, it is normal, the problem is with MMS messages. Reports that the message was "download of message was unsuccessful. (Otherwise I VIP (croatia) users, send mail to me about settings mobile networks...). Mobile is 6 months old, in service since it was 3 (doing the same thing). Maybe I sent it again. but I what do i do when i install another app from market and what will happen the same problem. Call to service, they say to send the device with them, it means waiting a month again ...
    please help
    best regards


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