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  1. yyounique

    yyounique Member

    hi! i am a screwed kid ... whos 12 ... mm ... i got my android like in june and hated it, i broke it and got a new one in july and thats when the SD card probs started coming up. Just today it started saying ''SD card removed'' even though its inserted. i tried taking it out and putting it back in, hoped it'd work but got a message saying ''SD card damaged. You may have to reformat'' ...... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? when i clicked it is said '' Are you sure to format the SD card? All data on your card will be lost'' .... i was worried but it said earlier that i have to format so i clicked format ... i waited like an hour or 2 .... still no change ,,,, if u get my prob or if u can help me ... i'd be VERY VERY GRATEFUL... SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT .... (P.S. I had an extra SD card ... when i put it in my phone, it again said this one is also damaged, i tried formatting it also .... still doesnt work)

    please .. please ... PLEASE help me ... and i'd very much appreciate it you explain step by step .... thank you in advance

  2. THH209

    THH209 Active Member

    That happend to me and I just took my battery out and out it back in and turned on my phone and it worked and i didn't have to format it
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  3. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Connect your sd card to your computer either with an adapter or through mass storage with the phone. Assuming you have a computer and assuming it is windows you will click your start menu click computer and then you will open up the sd card and copy everything from the root of it into a folder on your desktop as a backup. Then you will go back to computer and this time instead of opening the sd card you are going to right click on it then choose format. Do a quick format then when that is finished copy everything in your Backup folder back to the root of the sd card then close out of everything and turn off mass storage on the phone then in your system tray click the hardware connected icon and choose safely remove hardware, when it says it's safe to remove unplug your phone and reboot it. That will fix your problem. Now, in the future never remove your sd card without going into settings sd and phone storage and clicking unmount sd card. Also, never unplug your phone from the computer without safely remove hardware step. Especially if the phone is connected by mass storage.
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  4. yyounique

    yyounique Member

    I should Have tried that !!! :mad: :(
  5. yyounique

    yyounique Member

    I tried that ... I did exactly u told me to ... but i didnt work ... i tried formatting from the phone again but had to wait like 2 days .... but it finally formatted after that long wait ... :eek: ... thanks a million tho :)

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