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  1. Richard-SSV

    Richard-SSV Active Member

    I just downloaded Zedge and am having trouble assigning different tones for different notifications on my HTC Inspire.

    From the Zedge app you download the tone you want and then select where you want that tone to go (rigntone, alarm, contact, notification). Let's say I would like to select one tone for my e-mail notification and a different tone for my text message notification. The problem is that it won't let me. Each time I assign a notification tone from the Zedge app it stores it as my "default" tone; it will not just simply add them to the list of tones already stored on my phone. Therefore, I am only able to use one tone at a time from Zedge.

    For ringtones I don't have this issue as I am able to choose between using Zedge or the stock ringtones. For notifications this choice menu does not appear?

    I searched the forums and found threads from people having the same issue here: , but on different phones. Therefore, the solution given on the other threads is not working on my Inspire as the settings menus are different.

    Can anyone help me out here?

  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    first are you using the stock email and text apps?
    you can change the tone for text by going into the text app menu-settings-notification sound (note mine does not list zedge as an option to pick tones but there is a way around this)
    SO to use zedge tones here download astro file manager from the market (its free). open it go to sdcard, there should be a zedge folder-ringtones-menu-edit-select all-menu-edit-copy (then hit back arrow 2x) find the media folder-audio-notifications-menu-edit-paste.(note you can also paste them in the ringtone folder under media)
    Now when you go back to your text app you can see all the zedge tones in that stock system list.

    Since you have an option to change the tone itself in the text app you can then from the homescreen tap menu-settings-sound and change the notification sound in there, which will be used for email. (note you might want to do this one first since it might reset the text one but im not 100% sure on that)

    but i use handcent (and i think chomp and go sms both have this option as well) and in menu options for handcent i can set a different tone from my email tone (i also do not use the stock email i use k-9) since i have k-9 i can set up a different tone for each of my email accounts by going into each account separately so example from main k-9 screen tap account 1 then menu-more-account settings-notifications-new mail ringtone (once set go back to k-9 main screen with accounts listed and tap account 2 follow same as before)

    then for texts i go into handcents menu-settings-notification settings

    side note if you use a 3rd party email or text app make sure you go into the stock ones and turn notifications off otherwise you will get double notifications. (email is menu-more-settings-notification settings-uncheck email notifications. For texts its menu-settings-uncheck received notification)
  3. Richard-SSV

    Richard-SSV Active Member

    Thanks for the help. I use the stock e-mail and text, so I'll download astro-manager and give that a try.
  4. Richard-SSV

    Richard-SSV Active Member

    The Astro-manager did the trick. Thanks very much for your help!!!

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