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troubles with this guideRoot

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  1. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 26, 2010
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    //Amon_Ra's Recovery process
    Download the latest radio: T-Mobile / US Non US
    Place the radio update.zip file on the root of your phone's SD card
    Boot into Recovery by holding the Home and Power button while the phone boots
    Scroll down to Flash zip from sdcard
    Select the radio update.zip
    The HTC Dream will reboot during this process
    Once the installation has finished, select Reboot system//

    try to boot into recovery but get the rainbow screen??? why
    telnet will not connect any more ether???
    is there anyway of telling if i've got Amon ra's recovery.img from the phone menu?

    [edit] disregard this I've fixed it [edit]


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