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  1. what29

    what29 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 13, 2010
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    ok, i am new to android, been on iphone last 2+ years. on that phone i had an app called mail notifier that pushed all my email notifications to my iphone.

    Now on the Nexus One and unless i turn on sync, i have not found a way to get email notifications pushed to the phone. The purpose of this is i dont NEED sync for much else other than my email, facebook, other email accounts, weather, all that stuff can wait until i check it, but i do like email notification sent immediatly without having to check it. So if i can find a push app and turn sync off, it will help save battery life.

    Just trying to find out from some experienced android users what my best options are. I was using live.com mail but switched to gmail since on this phone and thought gmail had true push capabilities, but from what i have read, this does not apprear to be correct. any help


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