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Trying to avoid overusing the power buttonTips

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  1. jabstep12

    jabstep12 Active Member

    Instead of always pressing the power button to get out of "idle mode", are there other methods to turn your phone's screen back on instead of always pressing the "power button"? Wouldn't it seem like if you pressed it sooo many times, it would break/malfunction after a while? In other words, can I assign another button (such as the camera button, volume button, etc.) rather than always pressing the power button?

    Thanks! Sorry if this is a simple answer solution.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums :)

    The power button should be fine. My mother has used the same smart phone for 3 years, and it is a pile of crap...by now at least, but she has dropped it, tossed it, and still uses it constantly, pressing that power button probably hundreds of times a day.

    So stop being paranoid ;) and you really shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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  3. KOAM

    KOAM Well-Known Member

    Yeah and the phone is covered under warranty for the first year anyway. If anything like that were to happen to the phone odds are it would happen fairly quickly due to a manufacturing defect rather than to long term wear on something that was manufactured properly.
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  4. madmikess

    madmikess Well-Known Member

    For anyone having trouble with a sticky power button, which I started having the other day, you can use a little lubricant to unstick it. I used 3-in-one which seems to be doing the trick, just dab a toothpick in some and then around the button and work it in a little.
  5. Beezy1978

    Beezy1978 Member

    yeah, I think that the power button issue is more of a defect, and would probably show up pretty quick. Most people that I've read who have that problem it happens within the first couple weeks. I have had my reverb for 1 week now, and it is still fine. Good luck with yours!
  6. droidborg

    droidborg Well-Known Member

    If you have a wired headphone set with mic and a mute button, the phones screen can be turned on using the mute button. press and hold and the voice dialer screen will show , press the back button and you'll be at the lock screen. or just plug a headset in
    swipe and ..... well there you go if you ever need it.

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