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  1. mokonalove

    mokonalove New Member

    I'm trying to connect my tablet with my laptop, but the laptop is not recognizing the tablet. I want to access my sd card to remove some items and download an item in a specific space on my card.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. tannim

    tannim Active Member

    Share a folder on your laptop by
    right clicking the folder in windows explore
    choose properties
    click Advanced sharing
    set a name for it, set permissions to all under the permissions button.
    Say yes to sharing.

    Connect your tablet to internet
    Download ES File Explorer
    install the APK
    run it, click on Local at the top left corner
    choose lan
    right click
    choose server
    type in your laptop's IP
    type in your laptop user name
    type in your laptop user password
    type in a name to call it.
    Click on your new server
    Find and click the shared folder name
    You can copy files by pressing and holding over them.
    Copy from the server to the SD card or the other way around as you like.

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