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  1. fish411

    fish411 New Member

    I rooted my phone using Zerg Rush Root but took a few times to work. I keep getting SU binary outdated, so i read that this will fix that ( but need to be in Recovery mode to install zip. Here's my problem, installing recovery.tar using Odin. I can get into download mode on phone, but when it tries to install driver after plugging in usb cable; I get unable to install your MSM7x30. I have installed the TMO_ADB_Tether_Drivers which will work just plugging in usb cable not in download mode. I noticed in download mode; it shows
    Product name: SGH-T679
    Custom Binary Download: No
    Current Kernal: Unknown 11

    Any ideas? I know the superstars here can help!


  2. fish411

    fish411 New Member

    I fixed SU Binary update using BusyBox. Now, my next question is, phone still not connecting to Odin in download mode. Any ideas?
  3. Baddude8

    Baddude8 Member

  4. Baddude8

    Baddude8 Member

    CWM recovery does not support our phones. So be careful before you brick your phone permanently.
    Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

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