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Trying to install Cyanogenmod 9.1 using CWM is giving an error

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  1. Hollowpint

    Hollowpint Member

    Today I am attempting to root a Galaxy S II (SGH-i777) and get Cyanogenmod 9.1 installed on it. I was using the tutorial from How To Root the Samsung Galaxy S II (All Versions) - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr which did successfully get me root access. However like many others were saying on there, the phone is now saying that it is a GT-I9100 when booting. However it is still booting into the default rom, and that seems to be working fine besides the fact.

    I figured that the GT-I9100 issue would not matter if I could just flash Cyanogenmod since that would remove that issue, However whenever I try to flash Cyanogenmod I am getting a message like the following,

    Code (Text):
    1. Assert failed: getprop(

  2. mvi57

    mvi57 Active Member

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  3. Hollowpint

    Hollowpint Member

    In the guide what does UCKK6 and UCKH7 stand for? Seems like I need to do 2c or 2d. But I am not sure which.

    Thanks a lot for your help! This looks promising.
  4. Hollowpint

    Hollowpint Member

    IT WORKS GREAT! I used 2b and 3c and I now have CWMR on the phone, and the initial screen that was messed up before is now gone.

    I have 1 more problem though. When in download mode, it still says "CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: YES (1 counts)", does this matter? Or can I get rid of it?
  5. mvi57

    mvi57 Active Member

    Those are the versions of Gingerbread that were released for the i777. UCKH7 was the one the phone was released with, UCKK6 was an update.
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  6. mvi57

    mvi57 Active Member

    Once you get a release of ICS on the phone you should be able to use the TriangleAway app to get rid of that. The count means you flashed something other than official firmware on the phone.
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  7. Hollowpint

    Hollowpint Member

    I got all the way to the point of trying to install Cyanogenmod again, and I am still getting the same error :mad:. Not sure what to do now, I did try installing CM7 also but the same thing happened. I am getting these versions from http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable&device=galaxys2 seems like that is the right place.

    I really appreciate all your help and knowledge Mvi, I am learning a lot from you.

    I figured out the problem. I needed to get the version from http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?device=i777&type=stable. After I downloaded that it flashed easily.

    Now the next problem is, it is sitting on the Cyanogenmod loading screen. I am going to try and wipe all my cache and flash it again to see if that fixes it.
  8. Hollowpint

    Hollowpint Member

    Got it! I did a factory reset, wiped all the cache, and its good to go now. Thanks again for all your help!
  9. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

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