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Trying to make the ultimate eReaderSupport

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  1. dihughes57

    dihughes57 New Member

    I just got a Cruz eReader from Woot and am trying to make it my ultimate at home eReader. It really can't be my ultimate eReader because it is too heavy and the battery life is too short. I have loaded and have working the ereader software to use at a variety of book stores - Barnes and Noble, Kobo/Borders and Amazon.

    I have FB reader to read library books but I can not get the books to download. I can get on line and go to my Overdrive Media console and hit download, then I get an error message and no download.

    Any ideas how to fix this or am I just doing something wrong or what?

  2. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    I use Overdrive but use it just to read books after they are downloaded. From your library page there should be something like "my bookshelf" after you have checked out the book. From there I download the book. Then go to Overdrive and the book should be there.
  3. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    Cruz support has an answer to this question, dont know if you have seen it, Support Center number 25.
  4. striker59

    striker59 Active Member

    I tried using overdrive to download an epub book from borders and got an error message, if I figure it out I'll let you know, or maybe someone can help.

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