Trying to root I9020A problem

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  1. 74sickness

    74sickness Member

    So i have been trying this for a while and everytime i go into bootloader and hit install i get Failed to verify whole-file signature
    signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    I am also on ics 4.0.4

    Any help would be much appericated.


  2. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    You need to be running a custom recovery mod, such as ClockWork Mod. The stock recovery mode will not let you install unofficial packages.

    It's unfortunately very late, so I don't really have the time to look up all of the details for you, but you need to use fastboot.exe to flash a custom recovery image. This is assuming you've already unlocked the bootloader (via "fastboot OEM unlock"). If the bootloader is unlocked, there will be a little padlock at the bottom of the screen when turning on the phone.

    TL;DR: You need to install a ClockWork Mod recovery image. Make sure it's the right image for your model.
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  3. 74sickness

    74sickness Member

    Alright thanks a lot kinda a noob at android been at the webOS game for a long time but this is pretty easy. I will be doing this when i get home tonight. Thanks.

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