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trying to s-off...

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  1. leono1

    leono1 Member

    and get to the bit just after the bit about the lemons!
    'waiting for fastboot...' and i never get any further! its like the drivers ive downloaded dont do anything.....

    also ive got my ruu file but what do i do with that once ive s-off'ed? i double click it now and windows asks for a program to open it with!!!!

  2. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Could you explain that a little more fully please? Are you sure HTC Sync is uninstalled?
  3. leono1

    leono1 Member

    hi yes htc sync is uninstalled. i have s-offed my phone now (used my laptop, for some reason htc drivers werent working right on my pc)

    now i am unsure what to do with my ruu. its on my pc desktop but it is an unsupported file type and is unable to open on my pc. am i supposed to be moving it to phone? sd card? or installing htc sync now??
  4. rschua

    rschua New Member

    any guide on how to S-off the htc desire s ? sorry for this since I still cant see most of the post due to restriction... thanks
  5. leono1

    leono1 Member

    theres guides in topics\thread above this one and videos on youtube

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