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  1. sigmaprojects

    sigmaprojects New Member

    I got the Admiral because it is the phone I've wanted ever since Palm went under. Does everything I ask for, not the fastest phone obviously, but everything else I find to be awesome. So I recently switched from sprint to Verizon, just better deal, better coverage.

    So I rooted my admiral, got my MSL code, now just trying to see if there is a way I can get Verizon to add my ESN to their network. It's driving me a little nuts, lol. I haven't called up verizon yet since I figured they'd just tell me "oh we can't add it, it's not in our network, blah blah"

    Does anyone else know of being able to successfully switch carriers that don't have a sim card?

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  2. pakwarung

    pakwarung Member

    hey how to got ur msl motorola admiral code?
  3. sigmaprojects

    sigmaprojects New Member

    Call sprint...........
  4. pakwarung

    pakwarung Member

    can u help me?

    i am come from other country (indonesia)"please dont judge the book from cover"
    i am buy it from ebay...

    i will give to u $10(for cost call sprint) direct to ur paypal
  5. sigmaprojects

    sigmaprojects New Member

    I don't think it works like that. I called them BEFORE I switched carriers. I think you need to have sprint service before you can call and ask. They might do it if I had the ESN, but kind of doubt it, just doesn't seem like they'd do that.

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