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  1. masterpeace

    masterpeace New Member

    I have the Samsung Dart t-499 for about three weeks, I was trying to sell it..payed 120.00 plus tax for it..I was asking only 110.00 it come with cover case...But No taker yet...I put in our local paper...Guess people don't like the dart anymore...Bought for a family member,,they end up going back too the flip phone...So now I am stuck with the phone..:mad::(

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Sorry to hear. If it helps, check out the classified section of the forum and try making a post there. You never know who might buy it! :)
  3. pclov3r

    pclov3r New Member

    I don't think your going to able to get $110 for it. It's often run for $100 brand new with t-mobile prepaid

    I think you probably could get $80 for it. I scored a 2 month old used one for $60
  4. t499user

    t499user Active Member

    $50-60 sounds reasonable.

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